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invites you to it’s world

Look at the world through our eyes – imagine Caribbean beaches, crystal clear water and excellent cocktails in good company.

We are the only importer of JavaRum in the European Union. Rum is imported straight from Florida, USA. The purchase of the original RumJava is available from February 2022.  Only with us.

The creation of JavaRum is the result of a passion for Rum and coffee as well as Caribbean culture. The name JavaRum come from Jamaican type of Java’Mon coffee. JavaRum flavors are based on the top five coffee blends, according to the authors with natural aromas. JavaRum is distilled twice in a copper pot. What is interesting JavaRum is a gluten-free Rum. The taste is based on vanilla, hazelnuts, chocolate, caramel, coconut, oak and of course coffee. Java is 100% crafted Rum.

Rum – mostly associated with ships, pirates and in Europe it’s still not much known. The Rum is ingredient of the most luxurious drinks – we see the potential of JavaRum and its unique taste. In our head, the word “Rum” is associated with the wide sandy beaches of the Caribbean, the sea breeze, good music, cigars, the sun and conversations with friends about what was, is and what it will be. 

We would like to share with you our experiences and memories of tasting Rum in the most beautiful places in the world.

The Rum has a long history which depends on the region of origin but there is no doubt that it is one of the distilled alcohols with the longest history. The Caribbean as the cradle of Rum gave rise to new producer’s ideas for sophisticated and unusual Rum blends.

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Rich molasses rum, infused with Java’Mon Signature Coffee and a touch of coconut, vanilla, and caramel

35% ABV 70 Proof

Caffe Con Horchata

A rich horchata infused with a touch of coconut and a blend of Java’Mon Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Kenyan blend

17% ABV 34 Proof

Espresso Rum Cream

Our Mahtini’Mon Rum blended with naturally fresh cream

17% ABV 34 Proof


Chocolate rum made from cacao nib and infused with our Java’Mon Coffee Chocolate blend

35% ABV 70 Proof


Our original inspiration! vanilla rum infused with Java’Mon Espresso, chocolate, and hazelnut

35% ABV 70 Proof

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JavaRum is an artisanal product

100% handcrafted, filled and hand-sealed and infused only with natural ingredients.

coffee taste

JavaRum Artisan Crafted - Rums are natural, inspired by a passion for Caribbean culture, rum and coffee. A taste born of cocktails made with Java'Mon Coffee produced in Cruz Bay in St. John. A locally made collection of the finest JavaRum rums, in five flavors based on the perfect blends of coffee and other natural ingredients.



JavaRum is double distilled at 160-180 degrees in a stack copper pot made of cane grown and processed at Clewiston, Florida. Rum is produced locally, made in small batches, according to strict procedures - from formulation to mixing, testing and tasting. After preparing gluten-free rum, freshly roasted Java'Mon coffee beans are then added to the product, in a carefully selected amount that allows you to bring out the perfect coffee aroma, which in turn allows you to bring out the depth of flavors and achieve a balance.

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    JavaRum is one of a kind and yes - it is without a doubt a real RUM!



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    Dane spółki: La Investments sp. z o.o., Numer KRS: 0000920415, Numer REGON: 520013260, Numer NIP: 527-297-16-31, Kapital zakładowy: 150 000,00 ZŁ, Adres: Złota 75A / 7
    00-819 Warszawa

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